The Economy
The leading issue across Kansas continues to be economic growth and high-paying job creation in Kansas. We are still underperforming both the national economy and neighboring states. We need to develop a balanced economic environment that encourages growth, enables us to adequately educate Kansas children, and keeps government spending and taxation under control. I will fight to lower the food sales tax, and to improve oversite to cut wasteful government spending of our tax dollars.

I will push for an emphasis in STEM and skills training to prepare Kansas students for the technology and jobs of tomorrow. The foundation of a healthy business environment is a quality K-12, and higher education system that is focused on developing a highly trained workforce. I will fight for an equitable K-12 school funding formula, and to ensure post-secondary education, including community and technical colleges, are accessible for all Kansans. We must adequately fund state universities/technical education if we are going to grow talent and attract businesses and high-paying jobs to Kansas.

Health Care Access
We cannot afford to forfeit billions in federal funds and force hospitals and clinics across the state to close. Kansans should not have to suffer, face economic ruin, or start a GoFundMe to have access to healthcare. Over 150,000 Kansans have been left without healthcare coverage due to Brownback and Colyer’s failure to expand Medicaid. Expanding Medicaid will provide significant impact on our state’s economy and create thousands of jobs. I will work to ensure those eligible get the coverage they need, and are not left out of the “coverage gap”.

Public Safety
As a former police officer, I support the 2nd Amendment. However, we need to do more to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill. I support background checks on all firearm purchases. We also need to develop strategies to deal with the production of 3D printed firearms to ensure the safety of the public and law enforcement.